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We investigate both public places and private residences, and although we are based in St. Louis, MO, we will travel to investigate haunted locations in the Bi-State area. We are an experienced and professional group of investigators who believe that skepticism is healthy, and that all reasonable explanations should be ruled out prior to declaring an experience to be paranormal in nature.

Considering an investigation? Please read the information below to help understand what to expect when requesting an investigation and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

  1. We are a volunteer organization.

  2. We conduct scientific research into paranormal phenomena, but we are neither exorcists nor ghostbusters. If during our research we are able to help our clients answer some questions or offer explanations for what they are experiencing, we are happy to do so, but we make no guarantees as to what we will find. We will only report the truth, supported by evidence.

  3. If you are dealing with paranormal events in your home or business, start keeping a journal. This will help us to determine frequency and significance of events and possible explanations. Keep as much information as possible in your journal - things such as time, day/date, location, who was present and/or witnessed the event and a detailed account of what happened.

  4. When contacting us, please tell us where you are located. If you are not near us we may be able to refer you to another paranormal group.

  5. We begin a case by interviewing a client via e-mail or telephone, asking lots of questions and making suggestions. The next step (if the first didn't solve the problem or answer your questions) is to do an onsite visit and personal interview. The third step (sometimes done during the inital visit) is to do a full walk through of the area drawing maps, recording environmental data and photographing the area. The fourth step is to do historical and area research and the fifth is to set up a time to do several hours of onsite, fully-equipped investigative work. The final step is to analyze our data and report to the client our findings. A full investigation is very thorough and very time consuming.
If you have a haunted business that you would like us to investigate, or if you live in a house which you believe might be haunted, please contact B.A.P.S.:

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