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  Prosperity School


Charleston Jail, South Carolina, USA

From 1902 until 1917, the area around Joplin, Missouri, was a booming mining territory. Built in 1907, Prosperity School housed four large classrooms, as well as space for a stage and auditorium. As mining slowed down, the number of students dwindled leading to the school’s closing in 1962. The school building lay vacant until it was sold in 1994 and converted into a bed and breakfast.

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Welcome to B.A.P.S!

BAPS is a group of 8 investigators


Jane K., Founder, Lead Investigator, intuitive/sensitive.
Doris B., co-founder, Lead Investigator, historian/case manager.
David B., co-founder, Investigator, audio/visual tech.
Jan R.,
Investigator and Tech Manager
Brett M., Investigator
Michael B., Analysis Consultant
Steve C.: Investigator in Training
Brandon W.: Investigator in Training

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