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Milton School 

Milton School was built in 1904 and served as a school until 1984 when the doors were closed.  Several businesses have made Milton their home.  A glass company probably was the most notable but is no longer in business. 

Legend has it that in the 1930's, a young girl was murdered and her body was found in the girls shower room, suspected perpetrator was the school janitor.  The janitor was found in the boiler room, he had hung himself supposedly over guilt - as the legend goes 

 The halls are darkened and quiet now, quietly holding its secrets?

BAPS conducted an overnight investigation and set out to find evidence.  Photos with orbs can be seen in many areas of the building.  Jan and Jane set up equipment in the boiler room and had a sensor and Mel meter signal something was with them.  An EVP was captured that sounded like a young child. 

Unfortunately, not alot of evidence was captured this night but alot of personal experiences were reported.  

  • light anomaly caught by Jane
    light anomaly caught by Jane

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Welcome to B.A.P.S!

BAPS is a group of 8 investigators

Jane K., Founder, Lead Investigator, intuitive/sensitive.
Doris B., co-founder, Lead Investigator, historian/case manager.
David B., co-founder, Investigator, audio/visual tech.
Jan R.,
Investigator and Tech Manager
Brett M., Investigator
Michael B., Analysis Consultant
Steve C.: Investigator in Training
Brandon W.: Investigator in Training

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