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Missouri State Penitentiary

Missouri State Penitentiary, AKA "The Walls" is located in Jefferson City, MO and was in operation from 1836 - 2004.  While still operating, it was the oldest prison West of the Mississippi River.  The prison opened for "business" in March 1836, the same year as the fall of the Alamo in Texas.  In 1868, Housing Unit 4, formerly known as A Hall, was finished and is still standing today.  It continued to hold prisoners until the day of the prison closing in 2004. The prison also gained the nickname "the bloodiest 47 acres in America" due to several prison riots, murders and suicides. Some famous prisoners called MSP home, "Pretty Boy" Floyd, Carl Austin Hall and Bonnie Heady, the kidnappers/murderers of young Bobby Greenlease were sentenced to death, carried out in the death chamber on the grounds of MSP.  James Earl Ray escaped in a bread box and went on to kill Martin Luther King, Jr. While on the investigation, we got high EMF readings in the cells, Jane got her hair pulled in the "dungeon", an area for punishment where prisoners could be kept for a year or longer isolated from all people.  While in the gas chamber, Jane and Doris sat in the chairs, the chair that Jane sat in had a headrest in place from the last death sentence carried out at MSP, done by lethal injection.  This headrest was removed from the gurney used last in 1989.  During a lights out session, the headrest vibrated so loudly that Doris could hear it sitting next to Jane in the other chair.  Light anomalies  distant noises were also captured on cameras.

  • Entrance to MSP
    Entrance to MSP
  • Prisoner cells
    Prisoner cells
  • "A" Hall prisoner cells
    "A" Hall prisoner cells
  • prisoner cells
    prisoner cells
  • Jane investigating
    Jane investigating

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