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  The Mason House Inn
  The Mason House Inn was built in 1864 and was used as a hospital 3 times; it was also stationed on the under ground railroad. It sits right on the Des Moines River and has a lot of history not only to the home but to the very small town of Bentonsport. It is one of the Villiages of Van Buren Co. that were among South East Iowa’s very first settlements.This was the 1st time 3 paranormal investigating teams that have investigated together. Along with us (B.A.P.S.) were River Valley Paranormal and Fear Paranormal. Coming soon will be updated pictures from the other teams as well as addition to ours. Although the night was very interesting and we each had personal experiences and are still in the process of reviewing a lot of video and recorders from all 3 teams. We did so far catch some interesting figures in a mirror that you can actually see a face of a man and also a gray cat appeared which we are further investigation footage before we can say it is something paranormal we did catch.


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Welcome to B.A.P.S!

BAPS is a group of 8 investigators


Jane K., Founder, Lead Investigator, intuitive/sensitive.
Doris B., co-founder, Lead Investigator, historian/case manager.
David B., co-founder, Investigator, audio/visual tech.
Jan R.,
Investigator and Tech Manager
Brett M., Investigator
Michael B., Analysis Consultant
Steve C.: Investigator in Training
Brandon W.: Investigator in Training

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