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As most of you know Gettysburg is one of the most haunted places in the United States. During our stay there we have witnessed so much happening; while at one of the Civil war hospitals we had walked in to a barn and a guest investigator was smoking when we walked in the barn next to the hospital and I had mentioned it wouldnít be a good idea to smoke with all the hay around and when we played back our digital recorder plain as day you can hear a male voice say" you are going to burn my barn". We also caught musket shots from the rifles they used back then and the old drums beating that we could not hear with our own ears. We caught many forms of ectoplasm near tombstones that we also didnít catch with our own eye. There were so many unexplainable things that went on there that I can definitely say was paranormal. I hope to soon add on our EVPís from Gettysburg so you can be the judge for yourself. If you want to catch spirit activity go to Gettysburg PA. I was also taking pictures at the Doomsday Inn where we stayed and we were on the back porch where there was no light on what so ever and the ball of light you will see in the picture I can not explain there was NO lights on or any reflection that would cause that to happen.

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BAPS is a group of 8 investigators

 Jane K., Founder, Lead Investigator, intuitive/sensitive.
Doris B., co-founder, Lead Investigator, historian/case manager.
David B., co-founder, Investigator, audio/visual tech.
Jan R.,
Investigator and Tech Manager
Brett M., Investigator
Michael B., Analysis Consultant
Steve C.: Investigator in Training
Brandon W.: Investigator

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